Black Chef Apron

£5.95 (ex VAT)

Black Chef Apron

£5.95 (ex VAT)

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Our classic black chef apron is a professional addition to any working kitchen. The durable poly/cotton mix makes this apron ideal for stain resistance, and adjustable neck piece helps with the wearers comfort.

  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton mix
  • 195gsm fabric
  • Measures: 70cm width by 85cm height
  • Adjustable neck strap
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Apron Features

  • Durable 195gsm fabric
  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton mix
  • Adjustable neckband for maximum comfort.
  • Matching colour fabric ties – measuring 90cm each
  • Apron Length: 85cm
  • Apron Width: 27cm (top), 70cm (bottom)

Why do Chef’s wear black aprons?

Black aprons are popular amongst chef’s for various reason.  Firstly, the colour black is often associated with sophistication and professionalism, making it a favoured choice by top chefs.

Black aprons also offer a practical advantage in concealing stains. Given the fast-paced nature of kitchen work and the likelihood of spills and splatters, black fabric proves highly effective at hiding unsightly marks. This enables chefs to maintain a consistently clean and presentable appearance, reflecting their dedication to hygiene and professionalism.

Additionally, in the bustling environment of a kitchen, where numerous staff members collaborate, the contrast provided by black aprons against predominantly white or light-coloured surroundings becomes invaluable. The distinctiveness of the black apron allows supervisors and colleagues to quickly locate the chef amidst the bustling crowd, which is vital in a fas paced kitchen where fast decisions are often needed.

Overall, the choice of a black apron by chefs serves to convey professionalism, ensure a pristine appearance, and enhance visibility in the dynamic setting of a busy kitchen.

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65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

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